Friday, May 31, 2013

Texas Road Trip 2013 : Brad McCollum

Click To Play “Sing Like The Sages”

Brad McCollum sings his original tune, “Sing Like The Sages”.
Recorded on March 23, 2013  on South Congress Ave. between Annie Street East and Milton Street East.
Austin, TX


  1. Haha! Just found this pic on google and it led me here. It's funny thing is I just made a video for this song. at home, but the song has improved a lot since then. You should check it out and the other videos and songs I've written since then. You'll probably like some of the others better, but I still love this song, especially cause of the lyrics. Here's a couple of links to my other songs. Give it a listen and let let me know what you think :)

    P.S. The funny thing is I am wearing the same shirt in the new video i recorded a week or so ago as I was in this picture :P

    1. I had to re-work my podcast for new iTunes guide lines and as part of this I’m trying to interview all of the musicians for a new series, “Road Trip”. If you’d like to share your art with a short phone interview please let me know.
      Contact me as soon as possible

      Listen to the shows and decide for yourself on any of these sites:

    2. Looking forward to our interview next week!