Mister Radio on iTunes

Hey music, poetry and audio sound people, if you or anyone you know have some “tracks" of your music, poetry or anything original in audio that you'd like on iTunes I just started a new site called "Mister Radio". All I need is an audio track, a short text blurb about what we are hearing, and if possible a jpeg picture to go along with it.
Please pass this on to any musicians, poets or sound artists that want to have their work on iTunes.

You must send your audio file attachment as an m4a file.
For more information about m4a files please click on this link about unprotected AAC audio files.

If you have Quicktime Pro on your computer you can export it with that or you can import them with iTunes and convert them.
Please limit your tracks to no more than 10 minutes.

Send me your tracks by email to Mister Radio and if it works I'll post it on "Mister Radio"...