Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Another Man's Treasure - Greg Klyma

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 from "Another Man's Treasure" - Greg Klyma

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Recorded on “Yessir! analog tape. We used 2.5 reels worth. It was the way to go! “-Greg Klyma

Fifteen years into a career that has yielded seven albums,
dozens of national tours, and the acclaim of folk's most
prestigious reviewers, Greg Klyma's eager fans paid for his
new album. Completing the online fundraising well ahead of
schedule, Klyma delivers an emotionally charged blend of fan
favorites from recent tours, and never-before-heard material
on his eighth album, Another Man's Treasure.

Long known as a passionate and largely positive populist,
Klyma's new album showcases an impressively matured
song-writing talent. Travelling the perilous landscape of love,
Another Man's Treasure admits sadness, anger, regret and
profound tenderness. Going beyond the Woody Guthrie/Mark
Twain sass of recent years, Klyma shows himself navigating
intimacy as a thoroughly modern man. But this blue-collar
boy knows when to swallow the heartbreak, and so the
album rallies with an equal measure of punky sing-alongs
and bootstrap lifters.

Solo songs feature Klyma's adroit guitar and banjo picking,
while the band numbers rollick with great energy and a
chorus of harmony singing, thus welcoming the listener
to Klyma's universe: long drives alone full of solitary
contemplation, landing somewhere in America to shake the
rafters and remind everyone of the love and dedication that
keeps us going.

Jim Whitford - electric and upright bass; pedal steel; Dobro; guitar on "Men in My Family"; vocals
Mark Whitaker - 5-string banjo; electric bass; vocals
Michael Eck - organ; melodica; vocals
Jeff Gaynor - piano, Rhodes, 12-string guitar on "Time Does Fly"; vocals
Ashlee Amoia - vocals
Chris DeSanty - drums, percussion; vocals
Ryan Fitzsimmons - guitar; lead vocal, verse 2 of "How's It Goin'" 1922 Gibson CB-4 cello banjo; vocals
Greg Klyma - acoustic and electric guitars; mandolin; tenor and cello banjo; piano on "Livin the Life"; vocals

Greg Klyma’s Website http://klyma.com/

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