Saturday, July 28, 2012

Blue Dharma

 Click To Play "Bobby Sue"


Meet The Band

 Greg  Kyle  Adam  Matt  Sara  Sean  Brian  Mark  Nimish  Mic

ABODE Now On iTunes

  1. "Keri's Song" Click To Play

  2. "Bob's Lobster Shack" Click To Play

  3. "Dancing Shadow" Click To Play

  4. "Bobby Sue" Click To Play

  5. "G-Funk" Click To Play

  6. "Brook Thang" Click To Play

  7. "Never" Click To Play

  8. "Music Man" Click To Play

  9. "Funktress" Click To Play

  10. "G-Funk Remix" Click To Play

"They got the jam band feel down."-Joey Black Y107

"It's impressive stuff...a sound that perfectly
blends originality with whatever's currently in vogue...They've
got talent and versatility and who knows what could happen."-Jeff Burger GetMusic

Listen to a live
"RealPlayer" clip from the Ridgewood concert !

Sample RealPlayer Tracks From Blue Dharma's


Blue Dharma live
at the Mogollon Brewing Company
Flagstaff, Arizona

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