Monday, August 22, 2011

Apocalypse Five & Dime

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"My Love"

Apocalypse Five & Dime

From their album, "Ballads for the End Times".
Dear Friends:
We've been working hard on mixing and mastering our new songs with the very talented Don Godwin and we're happy to report that the first two are out now. Check out our new Bandcamp page where you can download both of them for free (or toss us a buck or two if you wish).
We've also added them to our page, where you can listen to "Apocalypse Five and Dime" radio with us and bands like us. Finally, you can stream them on our channel if you like. If you're in the Hundson Valley area, you've probably already heard that we'll be there on June 2nd to play the annual spring party at the farm where our tuba player Adam Katzman lives. Our album Ballads for the End Times recently recieved a gushingly positive review in the Hudson Valley's arts and culture weekly, Chronogram.
Apocalpyse Five & Dime
For more information visit their website:

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