Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Meet The Band

Click To Play G-Funk


ABODE Now On iTunes

  1. Keri's Song

  2. Bob's Lobster Shack

  3. Dancing Shadow

  4. Bobby Sue

  5. G-Funk

  6. Brook Thang

  7. Never

  8. Music Man

  9. Funktress

  10. G-Funk Remix

"They got the jam band feel down."-Joey Black Y107

"It's impressive stuff...a sound that perfectly
blends originality with whatever's currently in vogue...They've
got talent and versatility and who knows what could happen."-Jeff Burger GetMusic

Watch a live clip from the Ridgewood concert !

Blue Dharma liveat the Mogollon Brewing CompanyFlagstaff, Arizona7/25/02

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